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With Iowa kicking off the 2020 primary-caucus season, a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” from Vermont might be the Democratic Party’s frontrunner.

A day before voters head to the caucuses across Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders is in the lead in the polls. Two weeks in a row, Sanders led, this week with 28 percent of the vote according to an Emerson College poll. Seven points lower at 21 points was former Vice President Joe Biden. 

Senator Elizabeth Warren has gained a slim three percentage points since last week’s poll but remains behind Sanders, Biden, and Senator Amy Klobuchar. 

At a Saturday night campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sanders said, “We are going to win this election because we have the strongest grassroots movement in modern American history.” 

According to the polls, he may be right, and a socialist may be on his way to being the face of the Democratic Party. Monday is just around the corner. 

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