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iVoteIowa Ted Cruz Endorsement iVoteAmerica
We believe Cruz will be the leader of the next generation of truly constitutional conservatives and we endorse him because ...
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Iowa Caucus for Ted Cruz iVoteIowa
iVoteIowa applauds all caucus participants for you amazing commitment, year-after-year. Now at this critical moment in our history, we encourage ...
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 Featured Opinions - Conservative Talk

Saying, "I'm sorry," to my daughter for being devoid of political involvement was cathartic. The confession has started the process ...
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iVoteIowa Crying Girl iVoteAmerica
As our State Affiliate Editor, you will become our official press delegate for your state. You will be in charge ...
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Boomers · Gen X · Gen Y · Millennials

iVoteAmerica Boomers Gen X Gen Y Gen Millenials

The Next Generation of Conservatives that need to unite to stem the tide of an over-intrusive government are the Baby Boomers, Generation X & Y and of course, Millennials. We will soon be facing $20 trillion in debt not counting the unpaid liabilities. Boomers are retiring, Gen Xers, Yers and Millennials are going to be hammered by the Federal government to support the growing deficits. Now is the time to stop the growth of government, its debt and control our futures.

Constitutional Conservatives

iVoteAmerica Constitutional Conservatives

We have been running on the misleading messages of a liberal culture that has cast it's hypnotic spell over us, creating a populace that is more concerned about being politically correct than in the rule of law. For many of us, we have simply abandoned any thought of what our constitution means and how the application of its principals are the only means to holding big brother accountable. Our current President continues to challenge the constitution with self-generated edicts.

Radically Committed Voters

iVoteAmerica Radical Voters

The iVoteAmerica National Network is calling on the Next Generation of Conservative to become radically committed voters who seek, identify and elect constitutional conservatives who are committed to shrinking the size of government, reducing spending and reforming the over-reach of regulation. Voters must be dedicated to expunging the career politicians from the halls of government by the power of our collective vote. Our time is act is running out as Washington grabs more power.